Project Gallery

An arts-integrated literacy project that encouraged students to experiment and create using colorful paper “building blocks”.
Students studied the contemporary African artist, El Anatsui, and created their own weaving patterns using recycled materials: a chipboard loom and “plarn“, loops of “yarn” created by cutting up old plastic grocery bags. Weavings were combined into a collaborative tapestry compiled of 3 different classes’ work.
An arts-integrated literacy and social studies project. Students at Telpochcalli School studied ancient Greek mythology while reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan. Students discussed the role of mythical monsters and creatures throughout history and modern-day storytelling, their traits, and analogies. Students then used collage techniques to create their own “chimera” creature and its role within their school. Students from two classes combined their “chimeras” into a collaborative mural-poster of their school.